What People Are Saying About Comprehensible English

What English Learners Are Saying

“[I] watch your videos and I can understand what you said…I’m learning a lot, thank you, now I can understand a little the videos in English”

Ana L.

“Me sinto mais inteligente por conseguir entender quase tudo.”

“I feel smarter for being able to understand almost everything.”


“Salve!!! Seus vídeos são EXTREMAMENTE BONS!”

“Greetings!!! Your videos are EXTREMELY GOOD!”

SWG, Brazil

“Mano eu tô entendendo tudo”…“tipo eu entendo literalmente tudo todas a palavras n sei como”

“Man I’m understanding everything”…“like I literally understand all the words I don’t know how”


“I’ve read about this technique too much. I find it compelling, and the way you are using it is awesome. Thank you so much for making it possible to learn in such a way.”

Ibrahim B.

“Most of the channels were teaching by translating English into Korean. I was looking for a channel that teaches English easily without subtitles. This channel teaches the way babies learn their mother tongue…I hope this channel grows into a big channel.”

A Korean learner

“Just great, thanks for your work, you help a lot of people. Keep it up, I’m learning with your channel and I love it. :3”

Debora S.

“Gracias por lo que haces…no he visto nada parecido en YouTube deberías tener millones de suscriptores”

“Thanks for what you do…I haven’t seen anything like it on YouTube you should have millions of subscribers”

Borjas C.

“Muchas gracias por subir videos de tan alta calidad”

“Thank you very much for uploading such high quality videos”

A viewer from Mexico

“Please keep the updates, you are the best English teacher I have ever seen.”

Zheng Z.

“I started learning English with you. I only speak Spanish. You always do an excellent job. I’ve learnt a lot with your priceless videos. Don’t stop teaching us.”

Jennyfer S.

“Melhor professor do YouTube!! Obrigado do Brasil”

“Best teacher on YouTube!! Thank you from Brazil”

Rafael J.

“En verdad funciona y ademas es divertido.”

“It really works and it’s fun too.”


“As an English learner, I have struggled studying English by myself for a very long time. I can read and listen a little but I think I am not good at speaking English. I am sure your videos will help people improve their English. honestly saying, your videos don’t have many views and viewers but they are the best I [have] ever seen and I hope you keep teaching English like this. Your effort will be noticed by many non-native speakers who want to learn English. Thank you so much for these perfect videos!”

A Korean English learner in Japan

“You are the best teacher I’ve ever seen in comprehensible input method.”

San K.

“I can feel you try to understand us. Thank you for your efforts.”

A Korean learner

“These videos are awesome.”

Zhiyi Y.

“It’s great to see a channel that actually turns Comprehensible Input into reality. Keep doing it!


“Tienes una manera de enseñar super dinámica fácil y entretenida. Yo estoy aprendiendo inglés y creo que la forma en que Ud lo hace es la mejor.”

“You have a way of teaching that’s super dynamic, easy, and entertaining. I am learning English and I believe that the way you do it is the best.”

Héctor, Chile

“Wow, this is so helpful. I was looking for something like this. Thank you so much for doing these videos.”

Belala B.


“A must-see for beginners|Understandable without subtitles|Comprehensible input”

Description on Chinese video site

“Your videos are amazing! I’m learning a lot! Thank you so much!”

Carla D

“It is absolutely perfect what you do.”

Krzysztof, viewer from Poland

“I know how to write in English, but I don’t understand speech and your channel is helping me a lot”

A learner from Brazil

“Very good, you are the best teacher to teach English to all people no matter what language they speak.”

Anais M.

“Omg this video is so cool. I’m very happy that something like that exists.”

Katsū, Brazil

“Incredible!!!” “I will share this with all my family and friends… it’s so good!!”

“Maluco é brabo!!! (it’s a slang for: the guy is insanely good in what they do)”

Davi, Brasília, Brazil

“This is the most (and only) straight to the point channel I know for acquiring English. Just click any video and boom, high quality comprehensible input right at your face! No intro, no other language, just the way we like it! See you next class!”

Samuel D.

“The best teacher I’ve seen…”

Sabina M.

“Que buenos videos, entendí el 95% de la historia”

“What good videos, I understood 95% of the story”

Zoro S.

“As an adult learner, not living with native English speakers, I always wanted to learn basic descriptions in English, and wanted to learn English like a child (learn from input, not from grammar lessons). Thank you so much”


“I’ve just become your new fan. You’re the best English teacher I have seen, EVER! I love your method. It’s what I’ve searched for years…I’m very happy to find you!”

A learner in Barranquilla, Colombia

“Best content to learn English on the Internet, keep posting videos like this … The world needs knowledge like this … The only one on the Internet that offers this wonderful content”

Iago, Brazil

“Hello, your videos are very good. I’m really learning English by watching your videos. Please don’t stop uploading videos.”

Luis, Mexico

“Thank you so much for your hard work on this! You know, with circling questions, we can milk this to teach for hours! Every sentence is also simple and real enough to use in daily life!”

A Thai learner

“너무 감사합니다. 이런 영상을 원했어요. 영어를 정말 잘 하고 싶습니다. 감사합니다.”

“Thank you very much. I wanted a video like this. I want to speak English really well. Thank you.”

A learner in South Korea

“Your video inspires me to have interest in English whenever I lose interest.”

A Korean learner

“The best class I’ve ever had”

Jose P.

“This video is really useful and it helps me to understand English more clearly. Thank you for your video. I will recommend this video to my friends who want to learn English in a right way. Thank you again.”

Taeyong C.

“Hello, I’ve been watching your videos for about many times now, and I appreciate this kind of language learning compared with the traditional way.”

“Please keep posting videos like this, it inspires me to be more eloquent English speaker.”

John J.S.

“I like your videos, and they are funny, easy to understand.”

Julio, Bogotá, Colombia

“This is the best method ever”

Isaias D.

My humble opinion, this guy is pioneer and unique in YouTube teaching [with] this method. I have learnt [more] only watching ten videos of this channel than whole of garbage that you find on Internet. You are like a Stephen Krashen but with improved method.”


“このチャンネルは中々良いかも。Stephen Krashen のcomprehensible inputを愚直にやってる感じ。最初は言葉で言われても絵で確認しないと伝わってこないのよねー”

“This channel might be pretty good. It feels like Stephen Krashen’s comprehensible input is being done honestly. At first, it’s hard to understand what’s being said in words unless you see it in pictures.”

A Japanese blogger

“I was searching this kind of video and I got it. It’s quite interesting. It is like comprehensible input + interesting input. Please try to upload more videos like this.”

“I am glad that I found your channel. I will surely recommend this channel to my friends who are also trying to acquire English (not LEARN). I am an intermediate level English speaker but sometimes I struggle to speak even basic English. I am here to work on my basics…You are helping me a lot man. Thank you again <3”

Ankit K., India

“Thank you, your metodology está funcionando, estou aprendendo algumas palavras aos poucos e tentando me tornar fluente com seus vídeos.”

“Thank you, your methodology is working, I am learning some words little by little and trying to become fluent with your videos.”


“[E]ngraçado é que eu entendi tudo, ele explica bem e repete pra memorizar muito bom parabéns”

“[F]unny thing is that I understood everything, he explains it well and repeats to memorize very well congratulations”

Bill Z.

“Que buenos videos. Así se aprende más que estudiando en institutos de inglés. Gracias”

“What good videos. This way you learn more than studying in English institutes. Thank you”

Camilo M., Colombia

“Very useful. I love these videos. Thanks for making them. They help me a lot and I can understand without problems!”

Sebastián A.

“Awesome work, this is always the best approach for beginner students.”

Ivan P.

“Really really compelling comprehensible input 👍👍😁🙏….. THANK YOU VERY MUCH”

Prahlad J.

“Thanks again for the videos. Though I can understand everything 100%, I still learn something new.”

A Thai learner

“Es genial, imágenes, señas, demostración, lenguaje claro…. Maravilloso… muchas gracias y bendiciones”

“It’s great, images, signs, demonstration, clear language…. Wonderful … thank you very much and blessings”

Lluvia S.

“Excellent video I’m learning with this guy and it’s awesome”


“[E]stos videos me ayudan bastante, trato de usar input comprensible para mejorar mi ingles, los libros no son lo mio. Al escucharte entiendo perfectamente todo. Saludos y sigue asi!!”

“[T]hese videos help me a lot, I try to use comprehensible input to improve my English, books are not my thing. When I listen to you, I understand everything perfectly. Greetings and keep it up!!”

A learner from Argentina

“항상 쉽고, 이해하기 쉬운 영어회화를 진행해 주셔서 감사합니다.”

“Thank you for always making easy and understandable English conversations.”

A Korean learner

“Muchas gracias. De verdad estoy entendiendo lo que explicas porque lo haces lento y con paciencia. Siento que avanzo más en la adquisición del inglés.”

“Thank you. I’m really understanding what you explain because you do it slowly and patiently. I feel that I am making more progress in acquiring English.”

Gabriel P.

“Seus videos são muito bons. Não pare de ajudar o mundo a aprender Inglês”

“Your videos are very good. Don’t stop helping the world learn English”

Luis N., Brazil

“Me gustan tus videos son entretenidos, explicativos y ademas enseñas muy bien.”

“I like your videos, they’re entertaining, explanatory and also teach very well.”

Héctor B., Chile

“I​ like​ the​ way​ that you use​ a​ very simple sentence​ and​ the​ way​ you​ repeat​ it​ again and​ again.​ I​ also like​ your​ picture​s which it​ make​ me​ understand easily without​ translating through my​ language.​”


“The most awesome method I’ve seen in life. Thank you so much!”


“Best video I’ve ever seen to learn English”


“Thanks for making these kind of videos, [they] are really helpful for us. By now I can proudly say that I’m brushing up my English skills. Can’t wait for the next video!!”

Johnny Q.

“好喜欢这个老师” “非常棒的学习资料,谢谢分享!”

“I really like this teacher.” “Great learning materials, thank you for sharing!”

Comments on Chinese video site

“You’re doing a really good job with these kind of videos, I watched a video and I learnt the word chopstick without realizing it now I can’t forget the word chopstick, it’s really fun learning English this way. Thank you for making these videos.”


“太太太太棒了!” “防呆式英文🤣”

“So so so great!” “Foolproof English🤣”

Viewers in China

Success Stories from English Learners

“I’m comfortable when I’m listening to and speaking in English because you teach me how to use English with your videos.”

“The videos help me with speaking in English because now I can speak in English feeling and seeing something that exists in everyday life…After watching your videos I can speak more comfortably than usual…Anyway, thank you so much for making the videos. I will watch them again.”

A Japanese learner

“This is amazing, I’m a Spanish speaker and your videos have helped me a lot”

“I have improved my listening comprehension and I have learned new words, my goal is not to use subtitles :D”

Santiago CG

“First I listened to your videos, then I started with these [English video] stories. Now I can understand 70%. I can understand the messages and I don’t focus on how did they say it. Just like Stephen Krashen said”…“[B]efore your videos I could understand about 40%”

“And I started [to] listen to podcasts…of course before I couldn’t understand like now! Your videos are the cause and they helped me a lot!”

A learner from Syria

What English Teachers Are Saying

I’m an English teacher too and this is incredibly useful for my beginner level students!!! Bravo”

Robbie T.

“I absolutely love your material. I’m a teacher and your material is an inspiration and a wonderful tool I use frequently with my students. I’ve recommended your channel to all of my students and they all love it too…Thank you again for your wonderful material!


“You do a fantastic job, one of the best I’ve ever seen! I have been sharing your videos to aid some students of mine to ‘unstuck’ their English…Thank you so much for all your effort on making these videos!”

Samuel D.

Seriously, you are a teacher who knows how to put CI input theory into practice. We will be sharing your work with our scholarship students in Guatemala.”

Fred D.

“I use your videos all the time, and you’re a great reference for me on using comprehensible input with my students. :)”

Antônio C., Brazil

“It can be hard to find good-quality, engaging videos to use in class or for students to watch on their own. There are a ton of videos aimed at English learners on YouTube, but most of them are simply explanations about grammar points or lists of words/phrases (‘Learn 10 English idioms about food!’). It’s hard to find videos that give students real exposure to the English language (i.e., comprehensible input) instead of just telling students facts about the language. It’s especially hard for teachers of low-level learners.

[Comprehensible English] has videos on a lot of different topics, all aimed at lower-level English learners. The video quality looks really nice and professional and includes lots of visuals. A lot of my students were interested in his video on Dalgona (Whipped) Coffee. Many of the videos are just a few minutes long, but some are much longer (the whipped coffee video is 48 minutes).”

Allison Lewis

This is exactly what the Internet was missing! Will be sending this and comprehension questions to my students this week. 👍 Thanks for making these and keep up the good work”

Kendra, English teacher

Works very well with my literacy students. Thanks”

Farnaz S.

“Way to use humour in a way beginners can understand!!! I just heard of TPRS earlier this year and have been dying to try it. Couldn’t find anything in English to show my students until now. You’re a blessing!”

Kendra, English teacher

“Excellent addition to your series. This is the most creative approach I have seen for serving this group of ESL students. I will be showing this to my ESL students in Guatemala tomorrow with the closed captions on. This provides wonderful reinforcement. Thank you for making our seminar more useful to the students. You are Mr. CI.

Fred D.

“Fantastic!!!! I’m Brazilian and also an English teacher, your classes are soooo useful. I mean… here in Brazil we do not have your language as a mother tongue, so my students struggle to learn. I’m still trying to teach them by using only English, but it’s kinda challenging. Thanks for your classes. Keep up the good work.


“I like this presentation format. There’s a lot of cues in even a few pictures, but it all stays pretty comprehensible.

An ESL teacher in China

Some comments have been edited for spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Comments in languages other than English have been translated into English based on machine translations.